340B Thankful Social Media Toolkit

340B is a lifeline for our communities. Many influential policy makers have protected 340B this year. Thank your legislators, and state and local policy makers on social media!

This link is an Excel Spreadsheet of Members of Congress and their various actions supporting 340B. Thank the Members of Congress from your state OR follow along with our month-long schedule and thank them all!

Example Tweets (Thankful for 340B)

  1. #340B is a lifeline for my community. I’m #340BThankful!
  2. #340B helps my community provide healthcare for patients regardless of their ability to pay. I’m #340BThankful
  3. I <3 #340B! I’m #340BThankful!
  4. Are you #340BThankful?! I am!

Example Tweets (Thanking a Policy Maker)

  1. Thank you, @XXXX for protecting #340B. We are #340BThankful for you!
  2. I’m #340BThankful for @XXXX for protecting #340B in my community.
  3. #340B is a lifeline for my community! Thank you, @XXXX for standing up for 340B.
  4. @XXXX is a #340B advocate! I’m #340BThankful for you!


Don’t forget! Add a photo of you OR use one of the graphics below!