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Sign The Petition

The 340B Drug Discount Program helps communities thrive. A small program with BIG benefits, 340B supports better health outcomes for patients all over the country.  We ask that you SIGN our PETITION to Policy-Makers asking them to work with CV340B to protect the 340B program.


We, the undersigned, strongly urge you to protect the 340B program.  We understand that certain groups have attempted to shrink or diminish the success of the program for their own financial interests.  We stand together as patient and community leaders, the true beneficiaries of the 340B program, to ask you to protect this program for the patients and communities it serves.


    Others Ways to Get Involved

    By joining forces our voices are amplified! Together we can #protect340B and the big impact it has on our communities. This little program needs our help. Some would like to see it dismantled in the name of corporate profit. Let policy makers (legislators, government officials etc.) know that the 340B Drug Discount Program helps your community thrive, sign our petition now!

      Sample email to member of Congress

      Subject line:

      The 340B program helps our community

      Message body:

      I’m writing because I’ve learned about the important role that the federal 340B drug discount program plays in supporting public health in our community, and I wanted to be sure you knew, too. First established in 1992 through bipartisan legislation, the federal 340B drug discount program offers a lifeline to the neediest and most underserved patients by requiring pharmaceutical companies to provide drugs at a discounted price to safety net hospitals and clinics like _____________ right here in our community. In turn, _______________ uses its 340B savings to underwrite the cost of serving patients in our community. In fact, that reinvestment in patients and communities is what has made the 340B program so successful. 340B providers can do more with their limited dollars to benefit the communities that they serve. All this is made possible by a program that affects just two percent of all drug sales in the United States, and all without taxpayer expense.

      Having learned about this important program, I wanted you to know how important I think it is that hospitals and clinics continue to be allowed to benefit from this program without additional burdens. 340B is a program that is working for us here in our community and for other communities across the country.


      Sample letter to the editor (137 words):

      To the editor:

      With all the recent discussion about rising drug prices, a little-known federal drug pricing program has quietly been working for over 25 years to help our community and communities like ours around the country. The 340B drug discount program, which requires drug companies to provide drugs at a discounted price to safety net hospitals and clinics like __________ here in ____________ who serve the most vulnerable, has enjoyed bipartisan support and, best of all, does not come at taxpayer expense. Some in the drug industry have targeted 340B with exaggerated accusations to distract people from the real causes of rising drug prices—the drug companies themselves. As our lawmakers consider ways to address the high price of drugs for Americans, they would do well to let 340B continue to work for us here in __________ and elsewhere.





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      2. Retweet and reply to messages that resonate to you. Feel free to @ those messages to your member of Congress!
      3. Looking for a simple message to tweet? Try something like this:
        The 340B drug discount program helps safety net hospitals and clinics provide more comprehensive healthcare to the most needy without taxpayers having to pay for it. You can learn more about this important program, too, by following @CV340B. Our community #thriveswith340B.


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      Hosting a 340B event:

      1. Work with your local CV340B rep to invite representatives from your local 340B covered entities to come to your home to meet members of the community interested in learning more about and supporting their work.
      2. Invite friends to your house to meet with the representative from CV340B and your local covered entity representatives.
      3. Print handout materials from CV340B website.
      4. Set up light refreshments.
      5. Put out information from CV340B on how your friends can help spread the word about this important program (sample emails, sample letters to the editor, social media).
      6. Ask guests to take some of these steps, and who would be willing to learn more.
      7. Work with your local CV340B representative on how to expand this conversation to others.