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The 340B Drug Discount Program helps communities thrive. A small program with BIG benefits, 340B supports better health outcomes for patients all over the country.  We ask that you SIGN our PETITION to policymakers asking them to protect the 340B program and/or GET INVOLVED by agreeing to participate in activities like letter writing, hosting an event, engaging on social media to help us get out the word.


We, the undersigned, strongly urge you to protect the 340B program.  We understand that certain groups have attempted to shrink or diminish the success of the program for their own financial interests.  We stand together as patient and community leaders, the true beneficiaries of the 340B program, to ask you to protect this program for the patients and communities it serves.


Others Ways to Get Involved

By joining forces our voices are amplified! Together we can #protect340B and the big impact it has on our communities. This little program needs our help. Some would like to see it dismantled in the name of corporate profit. Let policy makers (legislators, government officials etc.) know that the 340B Drug Discount Program helps your community thrive, sign our petition now!

340B Supporters

340B Health
340B Health is a membership organization of more than 1,300 public and private nonprofit hospitals and health systems in the federal 340B drug pricing program. The organization formed in 1993 to increase the affordability and accessibility of pharmaceutical and clinical care for the nation’s poor and underserved populations.

Ryan White Clinics for 340BAccess (RWC-340B)

Ryan White Clinics for 340B Access (RWC-340B) is a coalition of nearly 40 HIV/AIDS medical providers receiving support under the Ryan White CARE Act. RWC-340B was organized in 2013 by a group of providers with one common goal – to preserve the benefits of the 340B program.  

Let It B

Let it B is a 340B advocacy campaign launched by AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The purpose of the campaign is to bolster support for the 340B program and to raise awareness of what is at stake if the 340B program is drastically changed altered.

340B Matters

340B Matters is an online 340B educational and advocacy campaign aimed at protecting the 340B program for all nonprofit healthcare facilities from those that would severely restrict access to the 340B program.