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The 340B program is a federal drug discount program funded by the pharmaceutical industry, rather than by taxpayers.  
The 340B program helps hospitals, Ryan White Clinics, hemophilia treatment centers and other health care providers stretch their scarce federal resources.
Only certain providers can be eligible for 340B.  Congress determines which groups can participate. Which groups are eligible to receive drug savings?
The 340B program allows these hospitals and clinics to provide ________
Hospitals and clinics receiving savings from the 340B program can ONLY use their savings….
The 340B program has faced threats from…
Most patients don’t even know they benefit from the 340B program because…
The 340B drug pricing program was created when drug prices were rising quickly in the early 1990s.  
Pharmaceutical companies started to threaten the 340B program over 20 years after its inception, when drug prices began to rise again very quickly after passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.
Patients should learn more about the 340B program and speak up before the drug companies are allowed to take away these benefits or seriously damage the 340B program.